Rebecca Rabbitt: November 17, 2017


This Thanksgiving Make Sure Your Parents’ 2018 Medicare Part D Plan Is the One That’s Best for Them

— Medicare Open Enrollment Ends December 7th —

Rebecca Rabbitt, PharmD


Gathering with family this Thanksgiving weekend is an opportunity to give thanks, but it’s also a great time to review 2018 Medicare plan offerings with your loved ones to ensure they have the best plan for their needs. Medicare Part D plans offerings (which cover prescription medications) change each year, so it’s important to re-evaluate plans during Open Enrollment to make sure your parents and loved ones have access to their medications in 2018.

Medicare can be very confusing for seniors so talking to your aging parents about their health needs is a way to show that you care. It’s an important conversation which allows you to help them choose the option that best fits their healthcare needs and financial situation. After all, choosing a Medicare plan can be challenging for seniors — requiring online research and detailed plan comparisons. Taking the time to help with this task will surely generate a healthy portion of thanks-giving at the dinner table!


Did You Know?

  • Few seniors are aware that you can change your plan more than once during Open Enrollment and the last plan you enroll in is the plan that will take effect on January 1 and disenroll you from any other plan you previously may have signed up for
  • Shopping around for the best plan requires online research which can be challenging for many seniors
  • Research should include using online tools to compare plans using the senior’s current list of medications to ensure those will be covered next year and to check what you will be paying overall
  • Always check the Medicare Star Ratings to make sure the plan you use delivers both cost and quality service

Becky Rabbitt is a Medicare Part D expert with Express Scripts. She is available to offer tips on how to make the most of the Thanksgiving holiday to help seniors in your family explore and choose the right Medicare Part D plan for their prescription and budget needs. With Open Enrollment ending December 7, Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers still have time to learn what they could be doing to make the right choice for them and their family. Becky Rabbit will offer helpful resources, including: and


More about Rebecca Rabbitt:

As vice president, Medicare solutions, Rebecca Rabbitt advises health plans on pharmacy programs for their Medicare and Medicaid populations. Her knowledge of CMS guidelines helps clients improve their Medicare Part D programs. Rebecca holds a doctorate in pharmacy from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy and has completed a clinical residency at The Jewish Hospital of St. Louis. PharmD has played an integral role in the development of Express Scripts’ Medicare Part D prescription drug plan and suite of Medicare services and solutions for clients.

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