Walid Shoebat: The Case FOR Islamophobia

Since the Muslim Brotherhood established itself in the US through various groups, it has sought to exploit America's weakness - a sensitivity with respect to civil rights. Islamists in America have likened themselves to minorities who have been discriminated against and have used intimidation to silence criticism and dissent. That strategy has worked; Islamists have identified their critics as being on par with racists, people who are afflicted with Islamophobia. This book makes the case that the use of the word Islamophobia is nothing short of a bully tactic.

Learn how America's enemies have infiltrated her and used her own history against her. The goals of the Muslim Brotherhood are easy to understand for those who are brave enough to conquer their fear.

The Brotherhood would have you believe that those who are critical of Islam are afraid of it while those who avoid it or who do not criticize it are brave.

This is the lie exposed in the book.

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