S.J. Knight: A Time To Act

This is a novel about Paul the Apostle from birth to the end of his first missionary journey. Written for adults, nevertheless it is contains nothing unsuitable for advanced younger readers. There are many books about this great man, but this is something fresh and different, a 'back story' creating warm empathy with a complex man who is both anguished and admirable, flawed and likeable. Far more than a mere 'character', in this novel the passionate Shaul Benjamin of Tarsus steps out of the New Testament pages, coming to life in a story of ambition, failure, and redemption. The childhood, formative years, friendships, and struggles of this driven man are all depicted in intriguing detail, with lively characters, believable incidents, and a well researched background. The book also gives insight on what might have been behind the more unusual quirks of his strong personality, which shaped his outlook to life and the gospel. Culturally relevant, and faithful to the New Testament record, this fictional work takes the reader on a journey of love and laughter, fear and failure, tears, and excitement. For believers and non believers alike, it is enjoyable as a robust story of Jewish experience and travel in the first century Roman empire, and the birth of a momentous new world faith.

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