Robert E. Marx: Deadly Prescription

How far will some men go for money and power? Deadly Prescription shows what happens when profit becomes more important than life. Author Robert Marx-real-life doctor-tells a riveting fictional story so lifelike, you'll wonder whether it really happened or not. The twists and turns will catch you off guard, and the realistic details will keep you on the edge of your seat, turning pages. The story tells of tainted drug studies and side-effect coverups by two pharmaceutical giants. As innocent people have been severely injured by their drugs, one of which is still on the market, the protagonist confronts these giants by defending his patients as a forensic expert in current lawsuits against these companies. Their ruthless team of lawyers will stop at nothing to quiet any noisemaker. The goal is to keep their client's damaging drug available for as long as possible. It isn't until the Russian Mob gets involved that things get very messy. See Miami's culture and enjoy vivid depictions of South Beach. Read Deadly Prescription and see how men of greed actually think and act. Even worse, what lengths they will go to. After all, what's a few thousand lives destroyed when billions of dollars are being made as a result?

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