Randall Bell: Me We Do Be: The Four Cornerstones of Success

The world is flooded with information, but starving for wisdom.

Many feel a sense of overload, anxiety, and a general state of restlessness. Eastern cultures refer to the monkey mind and respond with yoga and meditation. Western civilization has identified a series of disorders and related prescription drugs.

All of this can help, but what is the complete and balanced solution? How do we get grounded, despite all the confusion? How do we build a solid foundation that assures solid, authentic growth? If you look carefully at every authentic achievement, you will see a clear pattern of Me We Do Be.

Me We Do Be reveals that all behaviors can be organized within these four cornerstones. Me is quality thinking that builds wisdom, We habits form quality relationships, Do actions build productivity, and Be designs the future. Me We Do Beconnects the dots and creates a fresh perspective for moving forward.

The Me We Do Be principles are the result of research that has spanned 25 years at the intersection of sociology and economics. Dr. Randall Bell masterfully interweaves classic behavioral research with his own work on high-profile cases―including Chernobyl, the World Trade Center, and O. J. Simpson―to reveal why some dive, some survive, and others thrive.

Success can be defined in many ways. Obviously, some people define it as making money. Others see success as leading a great organization, breaking sales records, having a happy family life, finding true love, or winning a competition. Some see it as contributing to a worthy cause, completing a degree, or mastering a musical instrument. Others view success as beating cancer, connecting with the divine, or healing from an emotional wound.

There is no one-size-fits-all for success. Me We Do Be lets us define what success means to us individually. But in so doing, it looks at the foundational elements that apply to us all.

The power of Me We Do Be is that it cuts through the noise and simply puts the focus on the classic, timeless principles that build authentic success. Indeed, with a solid foundation we can build anything we want.

This is the one book that you will want everyone in your family, business, and organization to read!

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