Mark D. Rose: The Noah Code: Coding for Origins Truth

The Flood of Noah impacted the spiritual, historical and scientific realms of humankind. To this end, this work promises to shed new interpretive light on the Genesis account yet leaves no rock unturned from a scientific standpoint. In this all new update, Included is an extensive overview from the works of modern and past naturalists, including Morris, Darwin, Falconer, Howorth, Cuvier, Lyell and many others. For the first time flood related human fossils are revealed, admitted by capable investigators that their demise was due to a singular catastrophe that swept up the mega-fauna with them. A compilation of over 35 years of study and field research, including the writers extensive career working in the largest underground mines in the world, Rose logically and honestly sets the record straight concerning the Genesis Flood in easy to understand terms. This work promises to be an enlightening read and a challenge to modern origins thought, relevant to the larger origins questions of today.

Insights from The Noah Code:
- The word Covenant is first used by God speaking with Noah, its actual meaning cleansing and contract
- Josephus tells us there were Two Pillars erected by Seth before the Flood, one built to withstand a flood, the other fire as warned by Adam.
- The Ark built with human hands is likened to 'mansions,' the latter in heaven being built for humanity by the 'carpenter,' Jesus Christ, ready to receive new tenants
- Early naturalists noted that many skyward facing mountain fissures (like Gibraltar) were found full of water transported broken bones, these from extinct mammoth, rhino, tigers, etc. including the remains of people, suggesting a floating biomass settled on them
- In 1470 a ship, crew and cargo were unearthed 300 feet deep in a mine near Bern, Switzerland, and another in Greenland. Caves were found with the remains of people mixed with extinct/modern animals, suggesting they were once confined in struggle. One cave alone contained the remains of over 2500 bears. What if the people of earth were engulfed in earthquakes and typhoons for 40 days and nights, every structure flattened and the waters raising?
- Whale remains were found across 5 SE States, these in such quantity that huts and fences were built of their bones. Plesiosaur remains have been found above 5,000ft in multiple locations, as Geologist Dwight Dana commented; "A giant wave must have crossed the continent."

Notes from science:
- In 2014, a mineral called 'ringwoodite' was located beneath earths crust, containing a volume of water equal to three of today's oceans.
- New evidence from genetics show a anomaly indicating all mankind went through a population gap aligned near the date of Noah's flood, a few thousand years ago
- A Fossil deposit in South Africa is thought to contain the remains of 800 billion animals in strata miles thick, the deposit covering 200,000 square miles
- An event horizon was identified by early naturalists, showing an extinction zone of animals and man buried deeply in flood deposits, later occupied by those who were agrarian, herdsmen, and used art. Noah Code documents these finds and much, much more!

What others are saying about The Noah Code:
"Absolutely brilliant work! The author has fit so many pieces together. The timeline intricacies, science & research, all put together! This is definitely a great read!"
"Impressive, something more people need to know about...ties in the multiple sciences to backup these mysteries is awe-striking! Dead bones don't lie, they tell a remarkable story. Most assuredly worth reading!" -Rev. K Bartlett

"I can honestly say that what you have written goes far beyond what I have ever read. I truly believe that God is going to use this book to His glory and as a blessing to multitudes of People - B. 10 Stars of 10, CBM Book Reviews
340 pages, over 100 custom maps and images.

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