John Hayden: Godfit

Understanding how fitness relates to our relationship with God and our ability to be a servant for His kingdom is crucial for discipleship. Godfit is a training manual, devotional, and online resource to educate, challenge, and motivate you to understand your calling to serve and to be able to take action! Godfit is a six-week program designed to take you through a spiritual and physical journey towards a healthier lifestyle! Godfit will challenge you to stay faithful in three different areas of your life: spiritual disciplines, healthy choices, and physical fitness.

The goal is simple. Stay committed to becoming spiritually well and physically well, and watch God work in your life. Watch God transform your attitude, your energy levels, and your perceptions. The purpose of Godfit is to learn how to become a better servant for God’s kingdom. We are all gifts to this world. We have all been given gifts for this world. Through Love Serve

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