John Geyman M.D.: The Human Face of Obamacare: Promises vs. Reality and What Comes Next

This book shows the human face of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or ObamaCare) as the stories of real patients and their families best illustrate continuing problems of our health care system. It also shows how many of the promises made by the Obama administration have not been kept. The big question now is: “What next?” The ACA has helped many millions of people since its enactment in 2010, but has fallen far short of what is needed to improve access, affordability, and quality of U. S. health care. Much of our population still cannot afford health care, and there is no cost containment in sight. Underinsurance is the new norm, with narrowed networks, high deductibles, and increasing cost-sharing forcing many people to forego necessary care. Here we take a comprehensive, non-partisan, objective look at the ACA almost six years after its passage. We also take an evidence-based approach to assessing three major alternatives for further health care reform: (1) continuation of the ACA with improvements as needed, (2) Republican proposals for its repeal and/or replacement, and (3) single-payer national health insurance (NHI).

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