Jack Cashill: Scarlet Letters

Like its namesake, Scarlet Letters addresses the hard truths of life in an increasingly “progressive” America where the irrational prejudices of a group can crush the soul of the individual. In both the old and new puritanism, worshippers achieve a sense of moral worth simply by designating themselves among “the elect”―no good works required. To validate that uncertain status, they feel compelled to heap abuse upon the sinner lest they too be thought guilty of the sin. Rather than simply cataloging the neo-puritan assaults on reason and liberty, Scarlet Letters illustrates how the progressive movement came to mimic a religion in its structure but not at all in its spirit while profiling those brave individuals who dared to take a stand against this inquisition.

In the neo-puritan world, all conservatives are an awkwardly worded tweet away from being branded a homophobe, a racist, a sexist, an Islamophobe or worse. Progressives force assumptions upon anyone who disagrees with their political and social agenda. Those who dare suggest a violent attack was committed by someone of Islamic faith is an Islamophobe. Those who identify the race of even a wanted criminal is a racist. Those who don’t support gay marriage are homophobes with a capitol “H.” In the eyes of the progressive neo-puritan, that word – that letter – becomes all that a person is.

With real-life examples from sexist Clarence Thomas to Islamophobe Ayaan Hirsi Ali to racist Paula Deen to homophobe Phil Robertson, author Jack Cashill explains how a person’s identity is reduced to the cruelest of stereotypes. Falsified narratives and manufactured outrage perpetuate the neo-puritan goals, whether they be affecting a presidential election, or simply undermining an individual’s personal opinion in order to drag them down.

Discover how progressive forces have eroded traditional American values and how the movement became inquisitional and vengeful. Find out how individuals and organization have found the courage to resist this movement and what you can do to fight back successfully.

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