Gene McGuire: Unshackled: From Ruin To Redemption

Gene McGuire received a life sentence for a murder he did not commit. Serving that life sentence ... he found life.

No one would have imagined such an outcome when, as a 17–year–old, he was convicted of Second Degree Murder and heard the judge speak those ominous words, "...for the rest of your natural life."

In Unshackled, McGuire takes readers from the scene of the crime––a lakeside tavern in sleepy little Lake Winola, Pennsylvania through 34 years, nine months, and 15 days of incarceration, all while serving a life sentence... for a murder he didn't commit. Glimpses of light penetrate a world of abject darkness, making Unshackled a most surprising, engaging and liberating read–a powerful and moving story of freedom, forgiveness and moving forward in life.

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