Dr. Vincent Pedre: The Utimate Swine Flu Survival Guide

The Utimate Swine Flu Survival Guide is the guide to your most pressing questions about the swine flu. Learn where the swine flu came from, whether it really is going to be a pandemic, and what to do to prepare. Written by one of New York City's top primary care physicians, it includes an integrative, holistic approach to the swine flu. The Utimate Swine Flu Survival Guide will answer those questions that your own doctor may not know the answer to about the swine flu and the swine flu vaccine. Is the vaccine for the swine flu safe? Who should get it, if at all? How many shots will you need? The Utimate Swine Flu Survival Guide weaves through what the media is telling us to decipher what to really expect, how to prepare, and overlooked holistic remedies that you can use to protect yourself and your family from the swine flu, including natural remedies to help you fight it off if you get the flu (whether swine or seasonal). This is the ultimate guide to the swine flu with essential information you won't want to miss!

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