Diane M. Hoffmann: 24 Hot Potatoes in the Church Today: Scriptural answers to critical issues in the church today affecting both men and women

Any Christian can see the plethora of critical concerns arising in the world today that are in need of scriptural answers, yet the pulpit is staying noticeably silent in providing biblically-sound responses.

It could be because of various perspectives towards the legitimacy of the church, primarily towards God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit; or, it could be that the perspective of the church has changed to where offending people with answers from the Bible is avoided at all costs.

Either way, they are concerns needing God's stance on what is right and wrong, and author Diane Hoffmann seeks to guide readers in her new, nonfiction book, 24 Hot Potatoes in the Church Today.

These “hot potatoes” are twenty-four critical issues warring within the church body and that are in need of scriptural exegesis to clarify God's answers to the problems. Nothing is held back in discussing important worries in today's society, especially in regards to men and women's roles in ministry, the home and in God's design of situations in real life.

Among the issues of conversation are the gender gap between men and women, homosexuality, pornography and views of sex, abortion, marriage and divorce, and several other areas of common life. Secular topics are combined with hard-hitting biblical concerns involving church programming, women and men in church leadership, and the relevance of the Old and New Testaments.

Each topic is accentuated with Diane's experiences and blends well with scriptural answers and disclosure of God's thoughts towards the particular subject.

Besides encouraging male and female readers to openly talk about their beliefs on the topics, Diane hopes the Word of God will be recognized more by readers for its accuracy and relevancy in society today.

With this book, the “hot potatoes” in the world will be simmered by the words of the Bible.

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