David Robinson: Can Sexual Orientation Change? One Man’s Memoir.

This book is for people who have homosexual urges—they may or may not regard themselves as gay—but wish to be heterosexual. The author discusses his homosexual urges when he was a teenager. He eventually married a woman and is very happy with her. How did he get there? He tells in this book. Does he continue to have homosexual urges? Read the book and decide for yourself. The book is a journey through his life and mind from 1967, when he was 14, to today. If a 14 year-old boy today (2017) has the same sexual orientation Robinson had at 14, many people will label the boy “gay.” They might discourage him from trying to be heterosexual. They might oppose efforts to help him be heterosexual---even if he asks for help. Robinson discusses this in detail. In the chapter “Mr. Robinson Goes to Washington,” Robinson discusses in detail his thinking from 1970, when he entered George Washington University (he earned his B.A. there in 1974), to 1977, when he graduated from law school at Washington University in St. Louis. Robinson is not a psychiatrist, psychologist, medical doctor, sex therapist, social worker, or clergyman. He is just an ordinary man telling you his own story. Decide for yourself if his story is helpful to you. He tells his story in detail. Occasionally a reader wants to hear even more detail than is in the book. The reader should email David. David’s email address is davidr225@comcast.net. David may be willing to provide the reader greater detail about the incidents in the book. If David provides the reader greater detail, David does so free of charge. David provides greater detail only to readers who have purchased the book and read the entire book, which is only about 40 pages. Don’t tell David about your sex life. He does not want to hear about your sex life. He is not a therapist. His book is a memoir. Ask him for more details about his sex life. He may tell you. David is available for radio, TV, and newspaper interviews. Email him if you want an interview.

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