Cynthia Stine: Make Thousands on Amazon in 10 Hours a Week


As a time-strapped businessperson, wife and mom, Cynthia Stine needed a part-time business that was flexible and profitable in the limited time she had each week.'s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program fit the bill. While helping her family and friends start their own businesses, she decided to write this book to answer the questions she heard the most. Just like with her family, she takes readers step-by-step through the process of getting their first box to Amazon. She shows her numbers and shares her tools, resources and approach to the business. While her business is part-time, there are many sellers who are generating full-time income selling on and they all began the same way - one step at a time. This is a newly revised and updated version of the popular book used by many new sellers to start their online businesses selling on Her encouraging and clear approach helps sellers answer that important question "how do I get started?" Step-by-step she takes you through the set up process and what needs to be done to get that first box of inventory off to an Amazon warehouse. She uses stories from her experiences and from those of her friends and family to demonstrate her points and show how people can be successful selling on Amazon in a limited time per week. She also shares her mistakes so you don't have to repeat them. She teaches readers how to interpret the data they receive from their tools, so they can make smart inventory choices. In the book she gives readers access to a free membership site where she keeps links and processes updated so the book remains current despite changes in technology over time. Fully updated, the book also includes material based on questions from her book and blog readers over the past two years. New to this version are extended sections on where to find inventory, her strategies for how to work popular stores, and a glossary of terms. The resources section is also expanded. The Kindle version and other electronic forms of the book are available separately on Cynthia's blog, as well as a free chapter and a free podcast.

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