Andrew Feinberg: Four Score and Seven

It is December 2015 and Abe Lincoln has come back to life in New York City for two weeks. He befriends 13-year-old Henry Mason, son of a Lincoln scholar, who helps him understand that his mission is to repair a warped political system and ease the social civil war that still simmers in the nation. Crazy? Impossible? Perhaps, but there is a more immediate problem. The 2016 presidential campaign has traumatized voters. Truth is having a brutal season. Lincoln is horrified by Ronald Crockenstock, the racist, coonskin-haired founder of the pay-toilet colossus Pay as You Go, who leads the Republican field, and his irredeemably despicable rival, Fred Arrogandez, a senator who denies the scientific explanation for everything. “We had idiots in my day,” Lincoln says, “but yours are bigger.” Together, Lincoln and Henry battle appalling candidates, a noxious hedge fund billionaire, Fox News reality twisters, violent mobs, demonic pastors and the political establishment. Does Lincoln have time to accomplish his goals? Can he escape the dozens of assassins on his trail? If Lincoln fails, will America slide into the abyss?

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