Phyllis Schlafly

PS-grad-2Phyllis Schlafly is launched an updated and expanded edition of the book that launched her career in the conservative movement, A Choice Not an Echo. The new chapters pick up where she left off, proving that the Republican Establishment, or “kingmakers”, are still at work in our presidential elections, and are already gearing up for 2016 forming coalitions for establishment candidates like Jeb Bush. In the updated edition of A Choice Not an Echo you will learn:A Choice Not An Echo-COVER

  • That conservatives need to get to work NOW to overthrow the establishment’s agenda to crowd out Reagan-like candidates for 2016
  • Conservatives need to follow the Reagan model in choosing candidates if we are to win again
  • Establishment cronies don’t care if democrats or Republicans win, they’re strictly in it for the money. That’s why they choose GOP candidates with watered-down principles

Conservatives need to choose a candidate that will follow the Reagan model if they plan on winning in 2016. The midterm elections are just the beginning of the fight—we cannot sit on our tails.

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