May 18, 2016

Trump vs The Clintons-Ready Or Not, Can America Be Reinvigorated? Clooney Says

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Kate Obenshain – Trump vs The Clinton’s – Have We Started Already? And What The Democrats Fear Most.  Obenshain, Author of Divider-in-Chief shares. 
pete hegseth
Pete Hegseth – In The Arena – Good Citizens, a Great Republic, and How One Speech Can Reinvigorate America.  Hegseth, former executive director of Vets For Freedom, CEO of Concerned Vets for America and a senior counterinsurgency instructor at the Counterinsurgency Training Center in Kabul. 
James Hirsen-2
James Hirsen – New York Best Selling author, and Media Legal Analyst, Hirsen exposes George Clooney’s Take On Trump.
Maureen Malloy Ferguson – SCOTUS Decision re: Little Sister of the Poor.  Ferguson is the Senior Policy Advisor for The Catholic Association.
Danae Domian – Tips & Techniques to Save for College.  Danae is a Principal in Tailored Solutions
John Hart – Reasons for Hope in Age of Trump. Hart is the Editor-in-Chief of the conservative political website, Opportunity Lives. 
Tim Stafford – NIV God’s Justice Bible-The injustice in the world can make our hearts sick. We wonder: Can anything make a difference? Stafford is a Senior Writer for Christianity Today and general editor for God’s Justice: the Holy Bible.
Carl Gallups – Why The DC Establishment Hate Trump & The Moral Dilemma Of Voting for Trump. Gallups is a long-time Senior Pastor, best selling author, & former Florida law enforcement officer.
Allen West
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