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Liz Shaw, RDN: October 5, 2020 | The Bill Martinez Show

Liz Shaw, RDN: October 5, 2020


Registered Dietitian on Why Eggs are Recommended as an Important First Food



Liz Shaw, RDN

Registered Dietitian with expertise in maternal health


The U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC), a group of the nation’s leading nutrition experts—including top nutrition scientists and leading physicians has recently released its official scientific report and for the first time ever, includes specific dietary recommendations for children under 2 years old. The committee specifically recommends eggs as a fundamental first food for babies and an important food for children and expecting and new moms.


On October 5th, Registered Dietitian Liz Shaw will share details on the nutritional benefit of eggs for babies and toddlers as well as share recipes that go beyond the basic boiled, scrambled or sunny-side-up that are sure please your little ones palate! 



·       Early introduction of eggs (after 4 months of age and when a baby is developmentally ready) may also help reduce the risk of developing an egg allergy. They are also a rich source of choline—a nutrient crucial to fetal brain development and brain health across the lifespan.

·       Feeding babies and toddlers foods in different textures and forms (such as “finger foods”) can help them develop dexterity, hand-eye coordination as well as learning how to chew and swallow.

·       Baby-friendly recipes like Savory Egg Veggie Pancakes pack in nutrients from whatever vegetables you have on hand and offer a savory twist on classic pancakes. Liz can share ways to create nutritious and versatile meals babies and toddlers will love.


For more kid-friendly recipes and advice about introducing eggs to your youngest family members, please visit:





Liz is a San Diego-based Registered Dietitian with expertise in maternal health and a passion to make healthy living fun. She is also an Amazon best-selling author with books including “Fertility Foods Cookbook” and “Instant Pot Cookbook for Dummies.” Liz is in national media outlets, such as Women’s Health, Shape and Good Housekeeping, and is a freelance writer for publications like Oxygen and Muscle & Performance.



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