Dan Tufto: November 30, 2017


Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans is October 15 through December 7, with Plans Going into Effect January 1, 2018

Dan Tufto

Regional President of Senior Products for Humana’s West Division


Selecting the right health and prescription drug plans is crucial, and plans can change every year. The annual enrollment period is here, and it’s the time of year when people with Medicare can select the Medicare Advantage health plan or prescription drug plan best suited for them. Humana is committed to helping Baby Boomers achieve their best health so that they can continue to pursue what is most important to them. Choosing the plan that’s right for you or your loved one can seem overwhelming, so it is important to stay informed.

On November 30, Dan Tufto will offer your audience more details about choosing the right plan this enrollment season. He will also share data from a brand new survey of Boomers, revealing their health concerns and habits, as well as their experiences choosing Medicare plans and more.

Things to keep in mind when selecting a plan:

  • Costs (premiums, deductibles and copayments, and maximum out-of-pocket limits).
  • Doctor and hospital networks.
  • The list of medications Medicare prescription drug plans cover.
  • Changes to current plans.
  • Differences between Original Medicare and MA plans.

Dan can also discuss everything from what people should keep in mind when choosing a Medicare plan to the best ways to determine what your budget and health need will be in the coming year.


For more information please visit humana.com/medicare/



Dan Tufto, President of Medicare for Humana’s West Division, is responsible for a large portfolio of Medicare Advantage plan offerings that improve health and well-being for consumers and produce a simplified experience that help health care easier to navigate. He is responsible for strategic planning, operations, network development, clinical initiatives and provider engagement for a 12-state division that includes Texas, California, Arizona, Nevada, the Pacific Region and the Intermountain Region.

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