Dr. Alan Epstein – American Liver Foundation 

HEPATITIS C: A LIFE-THREATENING INFECTION THAT AFFECTS 3 MILLION AMERICANS AND ONE IN 10 VETERANS  AMERICAN LIVER FOUNDATION LEADS EFFORTS TO RAISE AWARENESS AND ENCOURAGE TESTING IN CONJUNCTION WITH VETERANS DAY Alan Epstein, MD, Director of Clinical Gastroenterology at Roger Williams Medical Center Bob Rice, Veteran and Former HCV Patient: A passionate patient advocate who was recently cured of HCV.

Kim Kitchings – Cotton Inc

Kim Kitchings, Vice President Corporate Strategy & Program Metrics at Cotton Incorporated explains How Much We’ll Spend This Holiday Season, as Cotton Incorporated Releases Its Annual Lifestyle Monitor™ Survey

Dale Barnett – American Legion

AMERICAN LEGION PROMOTES VETERANS AWARENESS EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY  American Legion National Commander Dale Barnett, a retired U.S. Army officer and Gulf War veteran, has been leading a series of Awareness Walks across the country to bring attention to the needs and sacrifices of the men and women who have defended our freedom.

Marcy Keckler 

 HOW COMFORTABLE ARE YOU WITH FINANCIAL RISK?  Financial planning expert Marcy Keckler sheds light on New Ameriprise Study’s Financial Risk Spectrum and Its Impact on Investor Confidence.  A  Majority of survey respondents are more inclined to avoid risk than manage it; and 75% say they are cautious about financial risk

Nick Ahrens

Nick Ahrens, Vice President, Privacy and Cyber Security, – Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) discusses, Retailers Urging Senate to Pass Cybersecurity Legislation. Senate is expected to vote on Information Sharing Legislation in October.