Trevor Loudon who we have spoken with several times on Bill Martinez Live has just released a must see and must share video pertaining to our upcoming election.  Trevor is a devout researcher and was one a few authors and bloggers who actually bothered to vet then Senator Barrack Obama in 2008.
Much of America bought into the “sizzle” of Obama, but too few bothered to ask, “Who is this former community organizer and junior senator now President of the United States?”  Trevor’s book, “Barrack Obama and the Enemies Within” for those who read it, began to see a different Obama than what the press had sold us.
Trevor like many of us see this upcoming critical election as vital to our freedoms and all that America has meant to us.  What does America look like when we are no longer leading?  What does the world look like, when it’s no longer American influence, it’s Russia, China, Iraq and Venezuela in concert with the United Nations controlling and leading the way.  Yes, it’s all that close and possible.  
It’s clearly urgent that We The People wake up and vote to save our American way and the freedoms that our families before us fought to preserve.  May God bless America!

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