By Bill Martinez  —  

Now that the New Years ball has dropped, and all the party favors have been swept away, what will 2013 bring for America?

With the uncertainty of the near past still in our rear view mirror, it would seem that this tunnel of confusion will continue.  Yes, our mounting debt will continue, in spite of record taxation.

In spite of the focus, entitlements will continue to grow, and reliance on government will grow to unheard of dependence.  At the heart of all the stress will be the traditional family unit that continues to be redefined and affected negatively.

The cultures unmet need for personal contact and respect will harbor even greater conflict and an increase in lawsuits, divorces, addictions and a growing generation of hopelessness.

For those who are able to see, America has changed and not for the better.  Our nation has been at a cross roads for a number of years and the choice it has made is clear and decisive.  Experience has shown us that self-reliance because it is derived from the imperfection of man has a beginning and an end.  This is not to be confused with self-responsibility.

Self-reliance claims that we are the be-all and end-all, that we are all self-contained and capable.  If something doesn’t happen the way we expect or demand, it’s because we didn’t work hard enough, or were smart enough.  All problems are solved by human solutions.

The good news of 2013 is that America stands at a crossroads.  Too many will take the road of human exercise and will.  And in the process miss the turn that takes us back to our roots that lead us to where and why this great American experiment all began.

The divide between human effort and divine grace will be more pronounced and evident in this coming year.  Though, it will be obvious that one choice is more beneficial than the other, an obstinate spirit will blind and bind those who have refused the truth.

Yes, the America that we grew up with will longer be the same and that will only become more obvious in this coming year.  And it’s not so much that America has bought into the lie, but that it has rejected the truth.  The truth that once set us free is a growing dim flicker in our rear-view mirrors.

What lies ahead for this once great country?  The land of the free has become the home of the enslaved living on the isle of what could of or should have been.  May God have mercy on America?

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