Reggie Lee: March 29, 2013

    Reggie Lee from NBC Grimms TV series  REGGIE LEE (“Sgt. Wu” on NBC’s “GRIMM”) GRIMM -Fridays (9-10 p.m. ET) on NBC Reggie Lee stars in NBC’s acclaimed drama series “Grimm” as Sgt. Wu, an officer in the Portland Police Department.  ‘GRIMM’ TAKES ON THE TALE OF RUMPELSTILTSKIN WHEN A MYSTERIOUS KILLER TARGETS A VIDEO […]

Kate Obenshain: February 27, 2013

Kate Obenshain is a popular speaker and frequent commentator on national television and radio shows including Bill Martinez Live.  She has served as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, spearheading the fight against increased taxes. The topics these days of course is all about the Sequester, true or false?  Just more scare tactics being […]

Joe Kissack: May 13, 2012

      Joe Kissack  “The Fourth Fisherman How Three Mexican Fisherman Who Came Back From the Dead Changed My Life and Saved My Marriage” SOULS ADRIFT IN SEPARATE SEAS EXPERIENCE SAME RESCUE: How 3 Poor Fisherman Help Save Author’s Marriage   When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the […]