A MUST SEE!!! 50 Dangers from Obamacare!

50 Dangers from Obamacare By Kevin Collins… COACH IS RIGHT! (Click Here!) CoachIsRight.com/Fifty-Dangers-In-Obamacare   This list contains information pulled from the first House bill HR 3200.  Its mandates and threats likely survived in one form or another into the 2080 page monster from the Senate.  This list therefore is only a guide. Let them make […]

Christopher J. Conover: June 25, 2012

  The Supreme Court will make a decision about Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) any day now, but what will it mean?  Chris Conover is an American Enterprise Institute adjunct scholar who has written today’s most comprehensive book on the state of American Health care titled “American Health Economy Illustrated. The operative word here is […]