J.R. Martin: September 3, 2013

J. R. Martin  “Selling U.S. Out” www.sellingusout.org    Selling U.S. Out is a non-partisan examination of the trade and economic policies that brought about the current economic crisis. It is receiving positive reviews from Americans across the social and political spectrum.     “Selling U.S. Out” is an extremely well-written book that exposes  the facts surrounding the United States’ international trade […]

George Gilder: September 18, 2012

  A CLASSIC THAT WILL IGNITE THE NEXT ECONOMIC REVOLUTION In Wealth and Poverty George Gilder argues against the demonization of economic success and for capitalism in its purest form as the key to America’s economic recovery Washington, D.C. — The economic policies of the Obama administration have put America on the greatest economic downward spiral since the Great […]