Brandon Adams: February 27, 2013

How America’s “Culture of Now” Could End It AllCould Automatic Cuts Like Sequestration Hasten the Decline? We talk with a former Harvard economics and game theory professor and high-stakes poker player to see what America’s odds are.  WASHINGTON, D.C. — What do tattoos, obesity, and America’s shrinking attention span have to do with our growing national debt?  […]

Andrew Gause: February 22, 2013

Andrew Gause asks, “How broke will we be in 10 years?”  CBO Says National Debt Will Soar from $16.5 Trillion to $26 Trillion by 2023 “And that’s the good news,” says author and currency expert Andrew Gause.  The projected CBO numbers over the years have consistently been underestimated.  This is why Gause says it’s good news.