Emily Miller: September 6, 2013

  THE SECRET AGENDA TO TAKE OUR GUNS Award-Winning investigative reporter Emily Miller exposes the gun control lobby’s radical anti-gun agenda. Book also features photos of hundreds of real-life gun owners. WASHINGTON, D.C.—“The greatest assault on our Second Amendment rights in history is being waged today,” says Emily Miller. “The anti-gun lobby has launched a […]

Peter Schweizer: May 12, 2012

  Schweizer Strikes Again! Exposes the Revolving-Door Cronyism and Corruption at Obama’s Justice Department in an Explosive Newsweek Cover Story  “It is imperative those on Wall Street board rooms and trading floors be held accountable for the decisions they made.”  —President Barack Obama 5/20/2010 So, where’s the crackdown? After three years in power, there has been not […]