Nicholas Sanchez: August 21, 2012

  The United States is mired in the aftermath of booming economic prosperity, resembling the trouble recently experienced by the Japanese economy due partially to similar Keynesian bailouts and subsidies. Now more than two years into the current financial crisis, Americans are starting to wonder if we can ever escape the consequences of past mistakes. […]

Kyle Maynard: July 24, 2012

  Kyle Maynard is a motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur and athlete. Despite being born with arms that end at the elbows and legs near the knees, Kyle’s wrestled for one of the best teams in the Southeast, set records in weightlifting, fought in mixed martial arts, and most recently became the first man to crawl […]

Joe Kissack: May 13, 2012

      Joe Kissack  “The Fourth Fisherman How Three Mexican Fisherman Who Came Back From the Dead Changed My Life and Saved My Marriage” SOULS ADRIFT IN SEPARATE SEAS EXPERIENCE SAME RESCUE: How 3 Poor Fisherman Help Save Author’s Marriage   When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the […]