Alex Pollock: September 23, 2013

The Fed turns 100 – and can’t predict the future As Congress prepares for the looming nomination of the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Congress has been holding hearings on the centennial of the Federal Reserve and the lessons learned from a century of central banking.   Former bank CEO and AEI resident fellow Alex Pollock testified before […]

J.R. Martin: September 3, 2013

J. R. Martin  “Selling U.S. Out”    Selling U.S. Out is a non-partisan examination of the trade and economic policies that brought about the current economic crisis. It is receiving positive reviews from Americans across the social and political spectrum.     “Selling U.S. Out” is an extremely well-written book that exposes  the facts surrounding the United States’ international trade […]

Harold Hervey: February 19, 2013

Harold Hervey Chief Executive and Political Officer, Conservative Party USA Their mission is to re-establish the limits and boundaries of Government as framed by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. National Platform Preamble The Conservative Party firmly embraces in the concept of American Exceptionalism. America is a country of a distinguished founding, unique […]

Gretchen Hamel: October 4, 2012

 Gretchen Hamel, Executive Director of Public Notice At Public Notice, Hamel leads a team of communications and policy experts in their effort to explain complex economic, regulatory, and budget issues to Americans. The team’s campaign, Bankrupting America, has gained significant media attention.  By Gretchen Hamel Politicians are great talkers. With the debates kicking off last night, this is more […]

George Gilder: September 18, 2012

  A CLASSIC THAT WILL IGNITE THE NEXT ECONOMIC REVOLUTION In Wealth and Poverty George Gilder argues against the demonization of economic success and for capitalism in its purest form as the key to America’s economic recovery Washington, D.C. — The economic policies of the Obama administration have put America on the greatest economic downward spiral since the Great […]

Dinesh D’Sousa: September 17, 2012

(Click on center image to view film trailer, and book cover to purchase “Obama’s America”)   Dinesh D’Souza   America as we know it—wealthy, powerful, assertive—is not what Obama wants. He wants a smaller America, a poorer America, an America unable to exert its will, an America happy to be one power among many, an […]

Thomas Loker: July 24, 2012

Thomas Loker The History And Evolution Of Healthcare In America   From the beginning of mankind, health and health issues have played a major role in life, but the issues and care have evolved enormously from the time when the first settlers set foot in America to the present. In The History and Evolution of […]

Phillip Cioppa: June 7, 2012

Phillip Cioppa: May 9, 2012

Craig R. Smith: May 10, 2012

       Craig Smith  “Inflation Deception”   U.S. HIT BY 6 SHATTERING BLOWS: Even One Could Wreck our Economy.  All 6 Spell Disaster! The United States has just been hit by six economic nightmares at once. This deadly convergence of disasters could plunge America back into a Great Recession– or worse, warns Craig R. Smith, Chairman […]