THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO!   Trevor Loudon who we have spoken with several times on Bill Martinez Live has just released a must see and must share video pertaining to our upcoming election.  Trevor is a devout researcher and was one a few authors and bloggers who actually bothered to vet then Senator […]

Bill Salus: October 2, 2012

Bill Salus is a regularly featured guest on Bill Martinez LIVE.  Please join Bill and Bill for interesting and topical discussions on the state of our world’s politics and religion.

Carl Gallup: July 20, 2012

By Bill Martinez A regular on Bill Martinez Live, Carl Gallups is the long-time Senior Pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, FL.  He is also one of the founder of the world-famous PPSIMMONS YouTube ministry and biblical apologetics channel.  Carl is here to follow up on the question that continues to hang out […]

Kip Van Camp: July 19, 2012

  By Bill Martinez Dr Kipp Van Camp weighs in on the Obamacare debate from a physicians perspective.  And thankfully it didn’t take him 2700 pages to break it down for us in his book titled, “Misdiagnosis, A Practicing Physician’s Case Study in Health Care Reform.” Health care reform continues to be a hot topic […]

Ed Klein: July 19, 2012

  Dinesh D’Souza says Edward Klein’s new book is “A necessary antidote to Obama worship.”  In the “Amateur, Barack Obama In The White House” the New York Best Selling author of the Truth About Hillary, gets us behind the curtain to see for ourselves the personality and the power forces in the White House.  As […]

Steve Beaman: July 18, 2012

By Bill Martinez What will the impact of Obamacare be on America’s small businesses.  Steve Beaman, a small business advocate, self-taught, self-made millionaire, addresses the challenges and what effect this could have on job growth. Steve is the founder and chairman of The Steve Beaman Group (SBG), a personal development company working to help people along […]

Kevin Collins: July 13, 2012

  Join us every Friday at 9:476a (EST) for Kevin Collins “The Coach” with a spot light on the latest political news you need to be aware of.   He is a former Vietnam Era Marine with a doctorate in Public Administration, Collins is a retired NYPD Honor Legion street cop; taught 16 years as an adjunct professor of […]

Has Our Republic Fallen Into The Hands Of A Foreigner?

By Bill Martinez          Has our Republic fallen into the hands of a foreigner?  And why isn’t our government doing anything about it?  Is our constitution no longer worth the paper it is written on?  When will America demand the whole truth and nothing but? You have to see this updated video from Carl Gallups.  You […]

Kevin “The Coach” Collins: June 22, 2012

Kevin “The Coach” Collins

Kevin “The Coach” Collins: May 12, 2012

Kevin “The Coach” Collins Obama and Marriage