Steve Beaman: July 11, 2013

The Steve Beaman Group “Building a Wealthier Nation; One Person At A Time”    Obamacare has been postponed for a year for American businesses, but what does this mean for individuals and does the continued uncertainty just add to the problem of the Affordable Care Act?   Steve Beaman, founder & chairman of The Steve Beaman Group, and SAFE, the society for the advancement of financial education shares why it’s more critical than ever that […]

Beth Weiss: July 2, 2013

 Beth Weiss CELEBRATE THE 4TH WITH A COOKOUT Independence Day is a time of celebration so why not celebrate with a cookout? Beth Weiss, Corporate Communications Director shares the Omaha Steaks International that is now enjoying it’s 5th generation of family owned.  She also shares some outstanding food favorites for the family grill for the holiday and throughout the summer. During your interview, Todd shares the American Dream and the entrepreneurial spirit and he is […]

Dann Stadler: July 2, 2013

  Dann Stadler shares his dramatic true story of an impossible rescue that changed he and his wife’s life and marriage forever. There was no way Dann and Tracy Stadler could avoid the drunk driver speeding toward them.  Moments later with Tracy trapped in their burning car, witnesses saw a lone figure walk out of the nearby woods and save her from certain death.  Seconds later, as fast as the figure appeared, he was gone. […]

Robert D. Smith: June 25, 2013

Robert D. Smith 20,000 Days and Counting:  The Crash Course for Mastering Your Life Right Now On the 20,000th day of his life, Robert D. Smith sent an email that inspired a group of people of all ages to live in the moment. He had spent 48 hours planning out how he would spend his next 20,000 days and shared this life-changing information with his friends. In 100 years, what will they have left behind? […]

Lt General George Mullner: June 11, 2013

Retired Air Force Lt General George Mullner, Chairman of the Board for the Air Force Association is here to talk about Cyberpatriot, The Annual National High School Cyber Defense Competition.  He’s asking if your high school or high school student has what it takes? George K. Muellner is Chairman of the Board for the Air Force Association. He is a Life Member of the AFA and has previously served as the Vice Chairman for Aerospace […]