Saudi Arabia tells citizens to leave Lebanon Immediately!

Bill Salus, the author of Revelation Road, Hope Beyond the Horizon and noted prophecy expert breaks down these latest developments from the Middle East.



Saudi Arabia tells citizens to leave Lebanon immediately

(Reuters) – Saudi Arabia has ordered its citizens to leave Lebanon “immediately”, the state news agency reported in an SMS alert on Wednesday.
This is the notice reported last week by Reuters, “The Saudi Arabian embassy in Lebanon calls all Saudi citizens to leave Lebanon immediately,” the alert said, without elaborating.  Shortly after this announcement, Saudia Arabia and Qatar told their citizens to leave Lebanon too.

The Saudi notice came right after the Arab states met to discuss the Syrian and Iranian issues. Very little was reported in the main stream media but Bill Salus, myself and others are seeing this as an ominous portend. Then came the kidnapping by Lebanese Shi’ite gunmen of more than 20 Sunnis in retaliation for the capture of their Syrian kinsman.  

A Turk, a Saudi and several Syrians were among those abducted in an area of Lebanon controlled by Hezbollah Shi’ite militants, raising the risk that the sectarian violence driving the conflict in Syria will spread to it neighbor, which fought its own civil war on sectarian lines for fifteen years.

Qatar, Saudia Arabia and Turkey are all led by Sunnis and support the Sunni Muslim rebels fighting against the Assad regime.


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