Robert Bakke: Prayer at Full Throttle: How performance-based prayers make miracles happen

“Performance is the missing link between hope and a miracle.” Unanswered prayer has long been a frustration for Christians. They sit idly by waiting for God to respond as they want Him to without seeing the results they'd like. What they don't realize is that prayer is not an entitlement program. The Bible says you will receive from God based upon your faith and that faith without works is dead. In essence, prayer without works won't work. So the next time you need a miracle, try following your prayer with the performance of corresponding actions. Roll up your sleeves and earn your miracle! If that sounds theologically crazy to you, read through this book and see real life and biblical examples of its truth. You'll learn that the road that leads to miracles is paved with your personal performance. Welcome to the full-throttle world of performance-based prayer. You may want to fasten your seat belt: your prayer life is about to go for a ride.

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