Leanne McDougall: The Warrior Way

Leanne McDougall only knew peace and joy as a child, therefore, accepting Jesus as her savior was as natural and easy as breathing air. But when pressures and failures began to overtake her life, Leanne found herself sinking into a black hole of despair where even positive thinking could not save her. Then came that fateful day when her world crumbled around her, leaving her vulnerable to a seemingly invincible enemy: Satan.

As anguish consumed her, Satan reveled in what he thought was a victory to capture her soul. But as Leanne discloses in her inspirational memoir, the moment that should have destroyed her instead transformed her life forever by providing her with spiritual lessons led by her Mighty Warrior—God. As He began to show her how to unravel the mysteries of the Bible and battle Satan to win every time, Leanne shares the incredible lessons she learned as she discovered the path of the Warrior Way.

The Warrior Way offers poignant glimpses of one woman’s journey as God teaches her how to utilize practical methods to battle Satan, believe in herself, and embrace true faith.

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