Eddie Scarry: Fraud and Fiction: The Real Truth Behind Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House

“Shortly before this book went to print, President Trump called me to say what he had said before: Michael Wolff had no access to him for Fire and Fury. ‘That book was a total fraud,’ Trump told me on the phone. ‘It was a disgrace. It was really disgraceful.’”

“I loved Fire and Fury, but even the author admitted that he only wrote what the president’s advisors told him. Eddie Scarry, one of Washington’s best political writers, shows where they were wrong.”

—Ann Coulter, Twelve-Time New York Times Bestselling Author

The media obsession with Donald Trump is not new, but it shifted into high gear sometime in 2016 and transformed into a full-blown, demented, Ahab-like crusade immediately after Trump’s stunning electoral victory. In their mania to prove that Trump is not “normal” and to provide ammunition for the increasingly hysterical “resistance,” the media has tossed out any remaining semblance of objectivity and professionalism—becoming a mouthpiece for the most ridiculous anti-Trump rumors and conjectures.

The most extreme example of this feverish journalism is the bestselling book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. In a normal time, a book like this would not even find a publisher, let alone lead its author to national media stardom. But in an atmosphere where anything that paints the president in a negative light is reported as gospel, Fire author Michael Wolff has become the prophet of the liberal resistance...and all of the obvious untruths in the book are ignored or explained away.

Now journalist Eddie Scarry collects and systematically debunks the worst errors, falsehoods, and silly innuendo spread throughout Wolff’s exhausting tome—making Fraud and Fiction a must-read for anyone who still values objective journalism and truth.

“Eddie Scarry has gotten exactly to the heart of the problem with the liberal media in the Trump era. They have become obsessed with trying to overthrow an elected president of the United States. They hate him—but in the ultimate irony they need him for ratings. So what once were hard news outlets in television, print, and online have become anti-Trump propaganda machines. Eddie has plunged into this thicket of media craziness and written an astute analysis of what he finds. This is a book that is as witty as it is spot-on. A must-read in the Trump era.”

—Jeffrey Lord, Reagan White House Associate Political Director and Contributing Editor of The American Spectator

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