Brendan Hare: From Working To Wisdom

For much of our lives we ask: Can we find meaning and happiness in work? When it comes to retirement we ask: Can we find meaning and happiness in retirement?

The author asked older Americans to discuss their feelings, fears, and hopes. He spoke with a remarkable group, which included a big-city mayor, an adventurer, a missionary, a Marine Corps general, athletes, philanthropists, factory workers, nurses, and teachers.

The resulting book shows rather than tells how to age and live well. It is many things: a series of reflections on growing older, a store of insight and instruction, and a sustained argument for the power of choosing—no matter the circumstance—to live well.

From Working to Wisdom is a testament to the richness of each person’s life. On every page, the book challenges its readers to live with authenticity, imagination, and courage, and to begin doing so right now.

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