Andy Martin: Obama: The Man Behind The Mask

Four years of research and writing, four months of wearying travel on the 2008 campaign, and four days of excruciating all-night editing have produced a book that is already a bestseller that raises new questions about Senator Barack Obama's fitness for the presidency. This is the first book to impartially and independently analyze Obama's career and place his life in the context of America's most corrupt big city, Chicago. Unlike right-wing cut-and-paste attacks on Obama, Andy Martin's book is based on over forty years of experience in Chicago and Illinois politics. While some have sought to exaggerate Obama's faults and perceived weaknesses Andy has worked to get behind the man, to see the "inner Obama,' and to present insight, not incendiary attacks that quickly burn out. Andy has created a new kind of bestseller: a coherent and well-organized presentation for the Internet age. Today, the problem is not a lack of commentary and information; rather, people are inundated with bits and pieces. We suffer from "information overload." But not all information is of equal value, and some of it is downright wrong. While the "gatekeepers" of old no longer rule, accuracy and experience are still at a premium. Andy's efforts to inform the American public about Senator's Obama's past and lack of qualifications to serve as president, were not a top-down driven enterprise. Rather, in a classic Internet model, this book and the columns Andy Martin produces on Senator Obama are a bottom-up driven campaign. People genuinely want to know the truth about this mystery man. Andy works constantly to dig out the facts. That is why Andy will match his forty years plus of Chicago and Illinois political experience against anyone else who claims a piece of the Obama story. He carefully sifts and reviews every piece of information about Obama before publication. He doesn't shy away from controversy, but he has a reputation for accuracy. Andy has tried to present the "Obama Story" as he progressed from an unknown to an all-too-well-known. Obama is a complicated man. He has led a complicated life. Even the most basic questions about him raise complex answers. This book is packed with analysis, commentary and thought-provoking inquiry about the candidate; Andy has captured his "essence."

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