Kristian Saucier

Kristian Saucier tells his story 


Kristian Saucier is the US Naval Chief Petty Officer & Machinist Mate, 1st Class, who was serving on the nuclear powered attack submarine USS Alexandria in 2009 when it was in port in Groton, Connecticut. While there he took six cell phone pictures for his family to illustrate the work he did in an area that was restricted from photo taking. Years later this cell phone was found and the photos discovered. Aside from this somewhat common infraction often punished by being demoted to a lower pay grade and rank, Kristian had served honorably with high praise from his superiors as an important and skilled member of the US Nuclear Navy’s elite submariners corp. During the 2016 presidential campaign the civilian court decision to sentence Kristian to nearly a year in prison became a national topic when Donald Trump contrasted Saucier’s harsh punishment to the non punishment that Hillary Clinton enjoyed after having even beyond top secret communications and dozens of classified ones on her private (and highly hackable) server accessible with her cell phones.  Kristian now faces life without an honorable discharge; the likelihood that he will never be given security clearance and has suffered vehicle re-possessions and foreclosure on his home. The Clinton’s meanwhile, could afford to purchase a second house in tony Chappaqua, New York and Hillary Clinton could freely look forward to becoming President enjoying access to the most top secret and sensitive communications imaginable. Kristian Saucier is now outfitted with an ankle monitor, which he must wear for 7 months.


  1. Betsy Emerson says:

    This man has paid his dues, he deserves to be pardoned. Wake up America—Hillary did so much worse and received NO punishment.

  2. Mark Blocker says:

    Kristian, brother, I am so sorry for what you’ve had to endure. And your interview on Fox Business, just now (9/22), calling out the hypocrisy of JAILING you for a minor offense, whereas Hillary, Podesta., et. al., who undertook real evil and treason, have not a care in the world. We see this and we are infuriated by it.

  3. He should be pardoned or Hillary Clinton should go to prison! No more double standards!!!!!

  4. donna emelity says:





  5. President Trump, please pardon Mr. Saucer. He paid his debt and “Crooked Hilary” did not.
    IMO, it was an honest mistake, done by a young, over-enthusiastic, patriotic sailor.
    Thank you and keep up the good work making America great!

  6. Paula Zuniga says:

    This man made a mistake, pardon him and put Hillary in jail. Our laws are supposed to be equal

  7. It is a total miscarriage of justice and the division of the entitled versus the unintitled. With enough ties and deep enough pockets the privileged of our society get a free pass or an exclusion made while we the 2nd class citizens do not.

  8. If your photos were really just Confidential, I’m really sad and angry to hear that you got a year in prison for it. I was a security officer in the Air Force. Confidential information is allowed to be sent by first class mail, without even a receipt. Mishandling it never results in more than a slap on the wrist. People forget and leave the safe unlocked that contains Confidential and Secret documents, and will get maybe an Article 15, but jail time would still be ridiculous. It would take a much serious offense to be appropriate for jail time. But taking a Confidential picture, no way.

    Hillary on the other hand, mishandled Top Secret and Special Access documents routinely, for years, including her maid and others who had no clearance. Those kinds of documents are kept in a vault which has alarms and other protections, and you’re required to sign each document’s cover sheet when you take it to work with it, so there’s a record of who handled it, because the material is so sensitive. And there is no way that those materials could have accidentally been emailed, because classified email systems have absolutely no connection to unclassified email systems. In order to send a classified document on an unclassified system, someone had to copy the document to a disk and put it (illegally) into the disk drive of the unclassified system. The wikileaks documents show that the classified markings had also been removed, and someone obviously did that before emailing them. There are specific rules for declassifying documents; it takes special authority and signature, and the markings are not simply removed. There are so many violations that were made public, and I’m sure there were many more that were not made public. Hillary absolutely should have been tried for her crimes.

  9. Robert Margulies says:

    President Trump
    This is an easy and right thing to do!!
    Pardon this young man who was serving his country
    and made a mistake while crooked h—–y runs free
    and makes millions out of her crime.
    Give him back his life.

  10. I Support Kriss Saucier

  11. Michael

    Kris, what has happened to you seems like you had a bump in the road and let it consume your whole self
    does not seem like a true american Navy Petty Officer we seen not that long ago has come out the other side
    of a not so good rock video and can not get back to who he was before you took these pictures which yes was
    rather petty but you knew it was not with out concern or permission to do so. That being said yes it is a fraction
    of what some one else has done but we do not live according to what some one else has done we live for
    the freedom and responsibility you served for and should lean forward hard and keep moving. I leave you with
    a verse that may not apply to you but hope it does or maybe in the future could apply for sure and for certain.

    Romans 8:28 And we know that {l} all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his {m} purpose.

    **** This is a common translation to this verse, in my study this is actually not real accurate because it misses out on the original language impact and understanding for you and me reading it face value would think it is a over all application but that is a weak translation. Should read for our direct understanding ————

    And we know That God CAUSES all things to work together for good to them that KNOW and love God.
    to them who are called ( have believed in the son of God, Jesus Christ for salvation) according to his
    plan of purpose ( plan of Grace)

    Get back to that squared away petty officer with drive. A personal sense of destiny only comes from
    knowing and trusting in The God . Heb 4:12 Sharper than any two edged sword!

    Take your lumps, own you choice of action (pics) then fight the good fight with humility and then move on to what you can do to support your family. Do not let it consume you or the world system wins.
    Pardon ya sure but move strong as if it is not going to happen and if it does then you are already in a better place.

  12. John W. Cavanaugh says:

    Justice for Kristian Saucier

  13. John W. Cavanaugh says:

    Hillary’s time will come!!!! She may escape justice here, but she can’t avoid God’s judgement!!!!! Prayers for Kristian Saucier….god bless you my friend…. jjc

  14. James Lowell Ross, MD says:

    Kris Saucier’s tragedy again highlights the unfairness, corruption, arrogance, and injustice of the institution charitably referred to as our Justice System. I have served as a battalion surgeon with the US Marines and witnessed many infractions that were not motivated by malice, profit or disrespect. Most were done unthinkingly and if not all were overlooked due to the context. Like all laws, they serve to warn others it is everyone’s interest to honor them. Second, they are to serve as examples should someone dishonor and hurt others. But third, they are all subject to prosecutorial discretion. And it is this last factor that seems to be the cause of this injustice. Speculation as to why undermines support of our military.

    When such an innocent transgression is compared to the magnitude of Mrs. Hilary Clinton’s egregious, corrupt, ill-motivated and repeated law-breaking involving highly secret material, the damage in our respect of the law is colossal. We hope Kriss can somehow transcend this crime against him. His publicizing it may be the path.

    Sadly, it is only possible when those who have not experience these outrages act as if they did, the mobilize to correct them, that such awful things will cease.

  15. Dennis Martz says:

    I think our adversaries have more in mind than a.few dials and knobs especially if they were displayed by the newspaper for all to see. Give this man his life back !

  16. Joan Werner says:

    The punishment is too severe for the “crime.” Kris should be able to have a chance for success out of the military. He deserves consideration for his dedicated service.

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