Has Our Republic Fallen Into The Hands Of A Foreigner?

By Bill Martinez         

Has our Republic fallen into the hands of a foreigner?  And why isn’t our government doing anything about it?  Is our constitution no longer worth the paper it is written on?  When will America demand the whole truth and nothing but?

You have to see this updated video from Carl Gallups.  You may have heard our conversation this past Friday on Bill Martinez Live about the latest revelations presented by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the cold case posse.  If you missed it, you can also download the podcast of the interview right here.  In addition to be a radio talk show host himself, a senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton Florida, Carl is a former law enforcement officer with over 10 experience encompassing two different sheriff’s departments and the Florida Department of Corrections.  

He like a growing number of Americans are seeing the truth for themselves and do not understand how this could possibly happen in our country today.  How can we have and support someone in the highest office in our land who cannot present a valid birth certificate?  And what’s worse is that he presents a birth certificate that is clearly a fraud.  Is this not a felony you ask?  How is this legal or to use his word, “Transparent.” Some might even add, “Honest.”

And the deception goes even further.  There is added evidence that our president has been using a social security number that doesn’t belong to him.  He cannot even be “E-verified.”  Even small and large businesses are being held accountable to verify a potential employees work eligibility.  So how did he get into the White House?  Evidence is showing that the social security our president is using belonged to a now deceased man from Connecticut who was born in 1897.  

Oh but there’s more.  More evidence indicates that his selective service card is fraudulent as we reported back in March of this year.  “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”  (Sir Walter Scott) I know for some, this sounds most incredible, after all we’re talking about the president of the United States.  This is what many said at first about Richard Nixon, until he was ensnared by his own web of lies.  

We must remember, no one is above the law and no one is above our shared human failings and inadequacies.  I know some will ask, what’s the big deal, what if it is a lie, and what if he isn’t truly a citizen of our great country as the evidence is suggesting at this point?  More than anything it’s about the power of a lie and its ability to destroy all that we hold dear.  If we can be truly honest here, consider our own lies and the destruction left in its wake.  On a political scale, we have seen or read what a lie can do to Jews in Germany, what a lie can do to millions of unborn children not only in America but around the world, and what a lie can do about a presidential legacy and his leadership, not to mention the moral and spiritual impact on the people he is to serve and protect.  

Truth is what we expect from ourselves and others.  Without truth, character doesn’t count and everyone else that you influence is reduced to their lowest common denominator.  The Bible says that “when righteousness reigns than the people rejoice.” I see so little rejoicing in America today because a small group of people believe they have us right where we can be controlled.  But little do they know that the sleeping giant known as “We the People” are awakening and are about to take the power back as enumerated in our U.S. Constitution.  May those who know and pursue the truth continue to do so mightily for the sake of our country, its citizens and the world we influence.  May God forgive and bless America once again.


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