Christina Adelseck Levasheff: November 29, 2012


It’s Judson’s Story of Hope in Suffering, Eyes That See by Christina Adelseck Levasheff.  It’s what a heartbroken mom cries out to God as she is seeing her two year old son, who was once vivacious and smart, now being ravaged by leukodystrophy.  

Through it all including the loss of his advanced learning and ambulatory skills, and his sight, Judson’s spirit encouraged everyone who came in contact with him.  You’re especially touched by his favorite bible story of Job and how he lifts his father up reminding him of God’s promises.  

What did Jud see that we all need to see?  After hearing and reading about Judson Levasheff’s story as related through the journal entries of his mom, dad and family, you too will be touched and encouraged by one of God’s special angels.

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