Roger Charles: May 4, 2012

     Roger Charles:  Oklahoma City, What The Investigation Missed-and Why It Still Matters OKLAHOMA  CITY-What the Investigation Missed—and Why It Still Matters Timothy McVeigh’s account was just one version of events-much of it was wrong.    The acute dysfunction within the country’s law enforcement agencies Why the FBI & BATF underestimated & didn´t fully investigate […]

Peter Bergen: May 7, 2012

(Click on link below to hear the second half of Bill’s interview with Peter Bergen) By Bill Martinez    Peter Bergen: “Manhunt-The Ten Year Search for Bin Laden”   May7-2012_PeterBergen-II   CNN NATIONAL SECURITY ANALYST PETER BERGEN WRITES DEFINITIVE ACCOUNT OF TEN-YEAR SEARCH FOR OSAMA BIN LADEN Published to coincide with the first anniversary of bin Laden’s […]

Bill Keller: May 7, 2012

  Pastor Bill Keller:   IS ROMNEY THE SAVIOR OF MORMONISM’S “WHITE HORSE PROPHECY”? Not since in 1960 with John F. Kennedy’s Catholicism and in 1976 with Jimmy Carter’s profession of being a Born-again Christian has there been such hubbub about a Presidential candidate’s religious beliefs. Enter Mitt Romney and the growing buzz over the […]

Phillip Cioppa: May 2, 2012

Phillip Cioppa:  Cost of Tuition, and Housing Update Philip Cioppa ( is a global economic media commentator who takes complex issues and translates them to an understandable level for all Americans in order that they understand how those issues affect their pocketbook.

Ted Shoebat: May 2, 2012

Ted Shoebat:  Middle East Update SUDANESE SPRING: Arab League aligns with Muslim Sudan; Condemns Christian South Sudan Sudan, a Muslim majority country run by a brutal Muslim Brotherhood-backed president – Omar al-Bashir – now has the backing of the Arab League as it condemns South Sudan, a newly formed majority Christian nation that is less than […]

Chris Angus: May, 2012

    THE LAST TITANIC STORY: Anniversary of Titanic Sinking 100 Years Ago, April 1912 It’s a story that takes the true accounts of the Titanic and weaves them into a fictional story of intrigue and mystery.  What could possibly connect the famous sinking of the Titanic in 1912 with a WW II German U-boat […]

Dallas Louis: April 26, 2012

“A Mother’s Day Must Read…”  –  Bill Martinez  –   SIT DOWN HILARY ROSEN:  You Might Learn Something From Author’s New Book      What do you get when you mix a crawling toddler, a screaming baby and a sudden craving for pickles and ice cream all over again? A full-time job. Some people call it “parenting.” […]

Winston Groom: April 27, 2012

By Bill Martinez                        The Best Selling American Novelist and non-fiction writer is best known for his book, Forest Gump which was adapted into film in 1994.  Winston Groom’s latest book takes you into the life of our 40th President, Ronald Reagan.  From his early broadcast career days as a sportcaster to big […]

Lowell Ponte: April 25, 2012

U.S. ECONOMY IS TITANIC–AND SINKING, SAYS THINK TANK FUTURIST: “We urgently need to be making our lifeboats” On April 15, 1912, a ship the experts called “unsinkable” and “too big to fail,” the Titanic, sank after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic. “We watch movies and imagine what it must have been like for […]

Katie Pavlich – Fast And Furious

  A bloody scandal and its shameless cover-up: No scandal is more threatening to the Obama administration than Operation Fast and Furious. While other scandals involve money, Fast and Furious involves lives, including that of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, gunned down with a weapon that the federal government put in the hands of Mexico’s […]