Rachel Herz, Ph.D.: March 20, 2018

WHO HAS THE STINKIEST SNEAKERS IN THE LAND? Hunter Hamm, Age 8, from Eagle River, Alaska Wins the 2018 National Odor-Eaters® Rotten Sneaker Contest®        Rachel Herz, Ph.D. Neuroscientist and leading world expert on the psychological science of smell   Scientists thought that the human nose could only detect about 10,000 different smells, but […]

Dr. Dustin Deming: March 20, 2018

***March is National Colon Cancer Awareness Month*** SCREENING INCREASES THE CHANCES OF CATCHING COLORECTAL CANCER EARLY, WHEN IT IS MOST LIKELY TO BE TREATED SUCCESSFULLY More than 50,000 Americans are expected to die from colon cancer in 2018,2 and 1 in 3 are not getting recommended screenings  Dr. Dustin Deming Gastrointestinal Oncologist at the University of […]

Dr. Jason Dominitz: March 8, 2018

50,000 U.S. VETERANS PARTICIPATING IN LANDMARK CLINICAL TRIAL FOR COLORECTAL CANCER RESEARCH  *** March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month ***  JASON DOMINITZ, MD, MHS National Program Director for Gastroenterology, Department of Veterans Affairs According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women and the second leading […]

Ceci Carmichael: March 2, 2018

GO BEYOND THE CHIP Fresh Snacks In Your Frozen Food Aisle *** March is National Frozen Food Month *** CECI CARMICHAEL Classically-Trained Chef, Lifestyle Expert and TV Personality, featured on Food Network, OWN, and other networks and programs America is a nation of snackers with 91 percent of consumers snacking multiple times throughout the day. […]

Dr. Michael Callaghan: February 26, 2018

MD & PATIENT DISCUSS HEMOPHILIA ** Rare Disease Day is February 28 **   Dr. Michael Callaghan Physician who treats hemophilia A with factor VIII inhibitors     Ken, a 50-year-old living with hemophilia A with factor VIII inhibitors   Hemophilia A is a rare genetic blood disorder in which a person’s blood does not clot properly, leading to uncontrolled and […]

David Sturt : February 27, 2018

WHAT’S THE SECRET OF A GREAT WORKPLACE? LEARN THE DO’S AND DON’TS OF SHOWING APPRECIATION IN THE WORKPLACE AND WHAT EMPLOYEES WANT MOST  Employee Appreciation Day is March 2  DAVID STURT NYT bestselling Author and Workplace Leadership Expert While not every workplace may be as extreme as depicted in any given episode of The Office – every place […]

Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan: February 23, 2018

HOW TO HOST AN AWARD SHOW VIEWING PARTY  WHERE EVERY GUEST FEELS LIKE A STAR!  GO FUG YOURSELF FOUNDERS AND RED-CARPET EXPERTS WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO PARTY HOLLYWOOD-STYLE Celebrity fashion bloggers from Go Fug Yourself, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan   Time to roll out the red carpet because awards season is here!  Didn’t score […]

Dorothy Hamill: February 22, 2018

ICONIC GOLD MEDALIST DOROTHY HAMILL PROVIDES HEALTH TIPS IN TIME FOR YOUR WINTER GAMES  Champion Figure Skater Discusses Health & Lifestyle Tips PLUS: Predictions for the 2018 Winter Games, Latest Ventures & More!  Dorothy Hamill Former Olympian, gold medalist and professional figure skater As a former professional figure skater, Dorothy Hamill knows firsthand that regardless of background […]

Michael “Mick” McKeown: February 21, 2018

COMBATTING MODERN HUMAN TRAFFICKING Department of Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign Focused on Educating the Public How to Recognize and Report Human Trafficking MICHAEL “MICK” McKEOWN EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY’S BLUE CAMPAIGN   Human trafficking is a horrific crime that strips people of their basic rights. It uses use of force, fraud, or coercion […]

Connie Harshaw & Dr. Reginald Davis: February 21, 2018

LET FREEDOM RING:   FREEDOM BELL RINGS TO HEAL RACIAL DIVIDE Founded in 1776, America’s Historic First Baptist Church “Freedom Bell? Rings Sunday February 25, 2018 during the Most Segregated Hour of the Week Connie Harshaw, First Elected NCWN President of the Potomac Valley and Reverend       Dr. Reginald Davis – First Baptist Church […]