Dr. Charles Gerardo: March 6, 2017

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM SNAKEBITES What Parents Should Know About Venomous Snakebites As We Head Into Spring Dr. Charles Gerardo Chief of the Division of Emergency Medicine Associate Professor at Duke University School of Medicine As we get ready for spring, more families will be heading outdoors. However, whether hiking, biking or simply relaxing in […]

Elizabeth Romero: March 2, 2017

Hispanic Small Business Owners Expect 2017 to be Banner Year, Bank of America Survey Reveals Significantly More Optimistic about Growth Prospects, Hispanic Entrepreneurs Lean on Strong Support Systems of Family, Friends and Community  Elizabeth Romero Division Executive, Small Business Bank of America     Hispanic small business owners (SBOs) are significantly more optimistic about their […]

Ceci Carmichael: February 22, 2017

IN A RECIPE RUT? FRESH IDEAS ARE AS CLOSE AS THE FROZEN FOOD AISLE *** March is National Frozen Food Month *** CECI CARMICHAEL Classically-Trained Chef, Lifestyle Expert and TV Personality, featured on Food Network, OWN, and other networks and programs Do you find yourself in a rotation of the same five or six recipes […]

Dr. Mike Burgio: February 16, 2017

THE WAR ON HEART DISEASE HOW VETERANS AFFAIRS RESEARCHERS ARE WORKING TO FIGHT CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE Dr. Mike Burgio Cardiology Program Manager VA Research and Development     blood vessels. It describes conditions ranging from peripheral artery disease and high blood pressure to heart attacks and strokes. It is also the number one killer of Americans, […]

Todd Hollander: February 15, 2017

Union Bank’s Small Business Economic Survey Finds Entrepreneurs More Optimistic Most West Coast Small Business Owners are Optimistic that the National Economy is headed in the Right Direction; an 11-Point Jump from Previous Survey TODD HOLLANDER Managing Director and Head of Business Banking for Union Bank Small business owners are significantly more confident about the […]

Bethy Hardeman: February 1, 2017

THE BENEFITS OF FILING YOUR TAXES EARLY WHY GETTING THE DREADED IRS FILING OUT OF THE WAY CAN BE BETTER FOR YOUR BOTTOM LINE   Bethy Hardeman Chief Consumer Advocate, Credit Karma     When it comes to filing our taxes, many Americans are guilty of waiting until the last possible minute. This year, why […]

Richard Ingraham: February 1, 2017

 DWYANE WADE’S PRIVATE CHEF SHOWCASES SAVORY AND FLAVORFUL PORK DISHES FOR THE BIG GAME AND BLACK HISTORY MONTH    Richard Ingraham Celebrity Chef     Celebrity chef Richard Ingraham is no stranger in creating appetizing dishes. And this February, get ready to celebrate the Big Game and Black History Month with some of Ingraham’s favorite […]

Dr. John Agwunobi: Dr. John Agwunobi

SMALL CHANGES KEY TO LONG-TERM HEALTHY HABITS How to Create Life-Enhancing Habits and Keep Them Dr. John Agwunobi, M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H.   2017 is here, and most of us are looking at the New Year as a fresh start, a new beginning that includes thinking about your New Year’s resolution. According to Psychology Today, 50 […]

Dr. Scott Adzick: January 12, 2017

FETAL SURGERY CAN SAVE AND IMPROVE THE LIVES OF THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN WORLDWIDE 1 in Every 33 Babies is born with a Birth Defect *January is Birth Defects Awareness Month* Scott Adzick, M.D. Surgeon-In-Chief at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia   The birth of a child is a joyous occasion for an entire family.  For […]

Patty Rhule: January 11, 2017

Louder Than Words: Rock, Power and Politics Newseum Opening New Exhibit from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame PATTY RHULE DIRECTOR OF EXHIBIT DEVELOPMENT AT THE NEWSEUM From the moment rock and roll hit the airwaves, it has played a crucial role in politics and social movements around the world. Now, two iconic museums […]