Dave Asprey: September 25, 2017

BIOHACKING EXPERT DISCUSSES THE HEALTH PERKS OF COFFEE AND HIS BRAIN BOOSTING DIET     DAVE ASPREY Entrepreneur, Author & Founder & CEO of Bulletproof 360 Dave Asprey, biohacking expert and entrepreneur, is living proof of the value of managing your own biology using nutritional techniques. Asprey began his career in Silicon Valley, where the stress of […]

Sharon Miller: September 21, 2017

Women Entrepreneurs Expect Big Cracks in the Glass Ceiling Over the Next 20 Years Women Say Work-Life Balance is Achievable Despite Some Challenges Sharon Miller Head of Small Business, Bank of America Women entrepreneurs see gender equality in the workplace on the horizon, according to the 2017 Bank of America Women Business Owner Spotlight, an […]

Keith Nowak: September 20, 2017

EXPERT TRAVELING TIPS THIS FALL AND HOLIDAY SEASON Unique Properties among the Most Sought After    GUEST: KEITH NOWAK DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS AT TRAVELOCITY   Your rainy day fund is full, you’ve arranged time off from work, and your new luggage has arrived.  Now what?  Time to plan out where to go and more importantly, […]

Ray Kerins: September 12, 2017

WANT TO LAUNCH A ROCKET? GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Title Attempt for the Highest Launch of An Alka-Rocket® Ray Kerins Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Bayer  Earlier this year, Bayer, a global leader in health care and agriculture, and the Big Ten Conference announced a partnership to advance Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) education, a subject […]

Alan J. Reyes: September 12, 2017

THE USO INVITES YOU TO “REFLECT & CONNECT” THIS SEPTEMBER HOW THE USO IS COMMEMORATING 9/11 AND CONNECTING SERVICE MEMBERS TO FAMILY, HOME, AND COUNTRY    Alan J. Reyes Senior Vice President (SVP) of Operations & Programs, USO   Each year on September 11, our Nation comes together in a patriotic show of support for our […]

Audrey Kusiak, PhD & Bob O’Brien, PhD: September 7, 2017

Improving Pain Management Strategies for Veterans VA Medical Centers Provides a System-Wide Standard of Care to Reduce Suffering Audrey Kusiak, PhD Scientific Program Manager, VA Rehabilitation Research & Development Service Bob O’Brien, PhD Scientific Program Manager, VA Health Services Research & Development Service According to a report by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 25.3 […]

Howard Hammond: September 7, 2017

Life Insurance Myths Debunked Financial expert separates fact from fiction for Life Insurance Awareness Month   Howard Hammond Managing Director of Fifth Third Securities   More than one in three Americans don’t have a life insurance policy – a critical tool for providing loved ones with financial security and peace of mind. In recognition of […]

Dr Josh Umbehr – Why Wait for Repeal & Replace?

Why Are You Waiting for Congress to Repeal & Replace Obamacare? Dr Josh Umbehr When the Democrats controlled congress and the White House they gave us The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.  Which has proven for most Americans to be neither affordable or caring. Fact is millions of Americans have given up on Congress and […]

David Allender: August 17, 2017

BACK TO SCHOOL TIPS FOR PARENTS TO HELP KIDS SUCCEED IN SCHOOL Reading is Key to Academic Success: National Survey from Scholastic Shows Parents Have a Major Role in Helping Kids Find Books They Love  David Allender Children’s Book Expert & Scholastic Book Clubs Editorial Director   As kids great ready to go “back to […]

Linda Darling-Hammond & Desiree Carver-Thomas: August 16, 2017

TEACHER TURNOVER: WHY IT MATTERS AND WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT       Linda Darling-Hammond President and CEO of Learning Policy Institute           Desiree Carver-Thomas Research and Policy Associate, Educator Quality Team, Learning Policy Institute     Among in-school factors, teachers have the greatest direct impact on student learning, […]