Shelley Hunter: December 3, 2019

MORE THAN ONE THIRD OF HOLIDAY  BUDGETS ARE GOING TO GIFT CARDS: Expert shares the latest gifting trends, tips for themed gifting, new gift cards and more!   SHELLEY HUNTER Gifting Expert; Gift Card Girlfriend at™   If you plan on purchasing gift cards for loved ones this holiday season, you’re not alone. In […]

Sri Reddy: December 3, 2019

AMERICANS COMMITTED TO NOT MAKE THE SAME FINANCIAL MISTAKES IN 2020 NEW RESEARCH REVEALS THE TOP BUDGET BUSTERS AND BLUNDERS; LOOKS AT AMERICANS’ MONEY SENTIMENTS HEADING INTO THE NEW YEAR   Sri Reddy Senior Vice President, Retirement and Income Solutions, Principal Financial Group®   Nearly all Americans (84%) plan on making financial resolutions in 2020 […]

David Dufour: December 3, 2019

DON’T BE A SECURITY SCROOGE – HOW CAN YOU BE SURE YOUR INFO IS SAFE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON? LEARN FROM A CYBER EXPERT HOW TO PROTECT YOUR MONEY AND PERSONAL INFORMATION     DAVID DUFOUR Vice President Engineering and Cybersecurity, Webroot; Cybersecurity Expert   The holiday season brings travel, giving back, shopping for our friends […]

Kevin Petty: November 29, 2019

IBM Announces New Weather System to Revolutionize Forecasting Globally   IBM’S Global High-resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System Aims to Transform Weather Forecasting to Help People, Businesses and Communities Make Better Decisions     Kevin Petty Director of Science and Forecasting Operations, Public-Private Partnerships at IBM’s The Weather Company   How often do you check the weather? […]

Alia Dudum: November 28, 2019

ARE YOU BROWSING “UNDER THE INFLUENCE” OF YOLO?  LEARN HOW TO PUT A STOP TO IMPULSE BUYING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON     ALIA DUDUM Millennial Money Expert   When you turn 72 years old, it’s possible you would have spent nearly 3.5 million minutes on social media. If that isn’t enough to scare you, consider […]