Betsey McCaughey: Beating Obamacare


After the November elections, it’s starting to sink in that Obamacare is here to stay.  Now what?  How will it affect you?  Patient advocate and former Lt Governor of New York, Betsy McCaughey, PhD actually read the 2,572 page health law, and culled over 40,000-plus regulations to give us some practical strategies that we need to start incorporating into our lives today.

Nancy Pelosi said we had “to pass it in order to see all that was in it.”  If that doesn’t open the door to all sorts of surprises, i.e.  Did you know?  

Cuts to Medicare pay for more than half of Obamacare.  If you fail to get coverage, the IRS can withhold your refund
Hospitals that spend less per senior get bonus points, starting October 2012.

Your employer may drop employee health insurance before 2014

You could find yourself on Medicaid, where surgery patients have a lower chance of surviving than patients with no insurance at all!

Medicare officials warn that some hospitals will stop taking Medicare.  Where will seniors go?

The Secretary of Health and Human Services will dictate how your doctor treats you, ven if you have a private plan you paid for yourself.

And the surprises just keep on coming.  Knowing this, the question is, “How will you prepare yourself?”  You need to read this book and start employing the strategies, because there is much the Government is not telling and even what they are telling us is untrue. 

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